Meridian Comic Book Day at the Grimsby Library: photos!

Copy of FB cover - comic book day

Thanks to everyone who came out for Grimsby’s annual comic con at the Grimsby Public Library! Meridian Comic Book Day is all about celebrating a love of comics, graphic novels as storytelling mediums, as well as the wonderful artwork that goes with them. We had so many amazing artists share their work with us including Patricia Storms (who also serenaded us with her ukelele), Loc Nguyen, Keith Grachow, Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus from Group of 7 Comic, Zavian Lashington, Greg Hyland, Sean McCarron, Jordan Da Costa, Lindsay Bisland, Chloe Perrin and Abby Nickerson. Mike Cope from Copetoons was there as well to skillfully lead our comic drawing workshops to a full crowd of eager amateur artists.

More guests included Cosplay for a Cure, Cinderella and her Prince, Anna from Frozen, mascots from Blessed Trinity and GSS, Xtreme Collectables, Niagara Children’s Centre, Nate Van Lindt with his DIY comics, and Doctor Who’s telephone box! All of these amazing artists and contributors, along with our dedicated team of volunteers and our wonderful sponsors at Meridian Credit Union in Grimsby, made this Meridian Comic Book Day one for the books!

So many kids dressed up for the event this year and we were so impressed with all the amazing superhero (and villain) costumes we saw!  Check out photos from the event below:


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