Peter Robinson goes it alone at mid-winter event of the Grimsby Author Series: See pics!

Peter robinson

The Grimsby Author Series event last Monday, February 12 went off (almost) without a hitch. It was a dark and frosty night, perfect for an evening of mystery, and the audience was geared up to hear two of the genre’s biggest writers, Peter Robinson and Giles Blunt, speak about their work… The funny thing about the frostiest time of the year though is that people tend to get the flu. Unfortunately, just that happened to Giles Blunt! There was a collective sigh of disappointment from the crowd when we heard the news that he would not be attending that evening, and we all send him our get well soon wishes. Luckily, the night was not lost as we had another ace up our sleeves in Peter Robinson. Peter definitely held his own and delivered a fantastic talk featuring the latest book in his long-running DCI Banks series Sleeping in the Ground.

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery was our wine sponsor for the evening and they brought two fabulous wines from their Fancy Farm Girl collection for the audience to sample. The Frivolous White was zippy and crisp with citrus and honey notes, and the Flamboyant Red was elegant and fruity with underlying notes of leather, cinnamon and other mulling spices. Just lovely!


Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson last attended the Grimsby Author Series over 10 years ago when we still held our events in the gym at Blessed Trinity high school. Our series has grown since then, and so has Peter’s collection of DCI Banks crime thrillers. The latest, Sleeping in the Ground, is number 24 in the series, but there are no tired old tropes or plot lines to be seen. Peter somehow manages to offer a fresh take every time. His 30 some years of experience have not hindered him, as it has given him the innate ability find new inspiration everywhere he looks.

As we had a bit more time last Monday night, Peter decided to read two passages from Sleeping in the Ground: one that was gruesome, and one that was depressing. This, however, did not put a damper on the night. Peter’s natural warmth and humour, as well as his engaging writing and reading style, made hearing them wholly enjoyable. The audience was completely absorbed. We could almost see it play out in front of us as the first scene unfolded. A brutal mass shooting at a wedding, elegantly unveiled, almost in slow motion, as the narrator floats above it all and describes the horrific picture. This was a truly unique, disturbing, but ultimately fascinating sensation, and a riveting introduction to the book (and the night). In the next scene we find Banks hurriedly leaving a funeral. His first love is dead, and he heads to a hotel for a drink.

Peter chooses his words expertly, and these two scenes, that could get bogged down in explicit descriptions and wallowing emotion, are instead so engaging and satisfyingly paced that you just want more. He does not dwell, but instead reveals everything you need to know in a few carefully chosen sentences and observations. Banks’ character is so fully formed, and Peter’s knowledge of him so deep, that he seems to walk right off the page. For those who had never read a Peter Robinson book before Monday night, they definitely will now.



At the end of the night Peter answered many questions from the audience about his career as a writer, his roots in England and writing poetry, and how DCI Banks made it to the small screen in the popular series of the same name. Afterward he stayed to sign copies of his new book for fans. We’d like to thank so him for visiting us and taking on the evening as our sole speaker. It was an amazing night and we had such positive feedback from those who attended!

Door prizes were raffled off at the end of the night as well which included fabulous items from our sponsors Cole’s FloristsObjects to Desire, Stacy Heidman of Steeped TeaElipsis Day Spa, Special Effects Art ShoppeTheatre Aquarius, and Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. A big thank you to all of these contributors, and to The Peanut Mill, Forks Road Pottery and Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery for providing our guest speaker with his wonderful gifts.

Thanks so much as well to all of our awesome volunteers, sponsors and benefactors for making the Grimsby Author Series possible, we could not do it without you!



Life with a New Baby: Taking care of yourself and your new addition.

Life with a New Baby (1)

Becoming a new parent is life-changing. With moments that are wonderful, beautiful and profound, to ones that are bewildering, overwhelming, and stressful, there is a steep learning curve that everyone going through it experiences. Niagara Region Public Health will be here at the Grimsby Library this month to help you navigate that journey by teaching you simple ways to take care of yourself, so you can have the happiest, healthiest life with your new addition.

Registration is now open for the following 2 sessions:

Part 1: Adjusting to Parenthood
Thursday, February 15 @ 2 PM

Learn practical tips for how to get proper nutrition, build an adequate support system, set realistic goals, and make time for yourself.

Part 2: Emotional Health After Pregnancy
Thursday, March 1 @ 2 PM

Identify signs of depression during and post pregnancy. Find out how and where to get help, and connect and share experiences with other new parents.


Phelps Homes Family Literacy Day: An afternoon of fun for families!

Family Literacy Day widget1

The Grimsby Public Library was buzzing last Saturday as families from all over the community visited us for our 5th annual Phelps Homes Family Literacy Day. This yearly event is aimed at encouraging parents to explore play-based literacy activities to share with kids at home, and we had so many cool ones for you to try! We had an Obstacle Course, Tape Track, Balloon Animals, Face Painting, Puppet Theatre and Playdough Fun. We invited a bunch of our friends to be here too: Therapy TailsYoga TrulySpeech Services NiagaraSmoke Free MoviesKnowledge First FinancialThe FUN School of MusicSparky the Fire DogTrail Ridge Montessori School and authors Lacey Bakker & Tamara Botting all shared their own special activities to encourage reading and learning at home. Thanks to all for making our 2018 event one for the books!

Check out photos from the event below:


Thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered and contributed to this wonderful community event, we had so much fun with all of you! We’d like to express our great gratitude as well to Phelps Homes Ltd. for their continued support of literacy events at the Library, we couldn’t do it all without you!

phelps logo bigger

Eric Walters visits Grimsby Library to talk books!

Eric Walters

Beloved children’s book author Eric Walters was at the Grimsby Public Library on Wednesday night to talk books with an eager crowd of all ages. Eric’s books have been a mainstay of our collection here at the Library for years, and he has always been a hugely popular author among our young patrons. We couldn’t have been more excited to hear all about his life and inspirations first hand!

Check out pics from the event below:

Eric’s a seasoned speaker and created a wonderful presentation for us full of amazing pictures, cool facts about himself and the experiences that led him to write his most loved stories. The kids, parents, teachers (and one very attentive therapy-dog-in-training), all had such an awesome time. We’d all like to thank Eric for being here, and for taking the time to sign copies of his books for fans. What a great experience!

A big thank you as well to Park Public School Council for partnering with us, organizing this event, and continuing to promote literacy in the Town of Grimsby – You’re the best!

Claire Cameron & Elan Mastai at the Grimsby Author Series, start season off right

Event 4

We’re back! Last Monday saw the return of the Grimsby Author Series in 2018 for our sold out winter season. On a frigidly cold January night, we were very happy to warm up in the cozy room with old friends, a nice glass of wine, and of course, our two brilliant authors for the evening, Claire Cameron and Elan Mastai. Calamus Estate Winery treated us for the evening with a lovely sampling of wines including a rich 2016 Pinot Grigio with caramel and stone fruit notes, and a medium bodied 2014 Cabernet Merlot with hints of vanilla, leather, and clove – just delicious, and a perfect pairing to the cold weather.

Elan Mastai

Elan was first up Monday night for his very first appearance at the Grimsby Author Series. A screen writer by trade, he was here to talk about his time-bending debut novel All Our Wrong Todays, a whip-smart sci-fi novel that is a refreshingly new take on the time travel trope. The main character, in a state of discontent, transports himself from a 2016 that could have been imagined by sci-fi writers in the 1950’s (complete with flying cars, robot maids, and unlimited clean energy) to our 2016, which is a place that he views as nothing short of a dystopia.

Elan wrote the screenplay for the 2013 romantic comedy What if, which explores the idea of missed opportunities and second chances. Contemplating the ‘what ifs’ of our choices in life is an idea that once again takes centre stage in All Our Wrong Todays. Elan’s eternal curiousity about the consequences of human decision inspires this book, and forces the reader to look inward and ponder the same things about their own past, present, and future. With an engaging and universally approachable writing style, he balances all of this with his undeniable humour and a cast of adeptly crafted characters who take us on a (perhaps surprisingly) relatable adventure through time.

This is a story that could get bogged down in scientific jargon, but Elan’s easy storytelling voice and compelling plot lines make it totally accessible and such an enjoyable read. This natural ease carried over into the talk he gave on Monday night. Whether he was describing a personal struggle, sharing his observations on human behaviour, or telling several hilarious anecdotes, Elan was disarming and engaging – moving us one moment and making us laugh the next. We are very much looking forward to seeing what this exciting new novelist’s next work will be, and hope to see him come back to Grimsby soon as an official Author Series veteran!



Claire Cameron

Claire Cameron last visited the Grimsby Author Series while she was on tour for her bestselling book The Beara story of suspense and survival told from the unique perspective of a child in an extraordinary predicament. With her new book The Last Neanderthal, Claire’s ability to expertly mold the unique and extraordinary into a captivating book are once again on full display. Historical fiction with a twist, it follows two characters who exist 40,000 years apart. On one end of this time span lives Girl, a member of one of the last remaining Neanderthal families the world will ever see, and on the other, an archaeologist named Rosemund who discovers her remains millennia later.

When it was discovered that Neanderthals were indeed a significant part of human lineage, Claire’s imagination was captured by what their personal lives might have been like as they faced the brink of extinction. The parallels she has drawn between Girl’s and Rosemund’s lives help the reader understand the very real and tangible connection we have to our long-lost ancestors. Each of their experiences, while different as they can be, are ultimately tied together by the fact that they are women doing as women have always done through history: carried, given birth and reared children, sometimes at great personal cost. As the author puts it herself, it’s like you can “physically reach back and hold the hand of the woman before you, like a chain through time” and feel connected to them.

In Claire’s talk Monday night she eloquently drove home this point, and the overall purpose of the story, which is to appreciate where we come from. These people were important to our existence, and deserve our respect. It takes great skill to turn a scientific discovery like our shared ancestry with Neanderthals, and layer a story over it that helps you to understand it on such a profound and personal level. Claire does this to great effect and success in this stunning book and we’re so delighted to have heard her insights about it on Monday night.


Thanks so much to both our authors for attending, sharing your work with us, and staying to sign copies of your books afterwards for the audience. We all had an wonderful time, and it was an amazing start to the winter season of the 2017-18 Grimsby Author Series!

At the end of the night door prizes were raffled off from our fabulous sponsors, which included items from Cole’s FloristsObjects to Desire, Stacy Heidman of Steeped TeaElipsis Day Spa, Special Effects Art ShoppeTheatre Aquarius, and Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. A big thank you to all of these contributors, and to The Peanut Mill, Forks Road Pottery and Calamus Estate Winery for providing our guest speakers with their lovely gifts.

Thanks so much, as always, to our awesome volunteers, sponsors and benefactors for making the Grimsby Author Series possible, we could not do it without you!


Card Making Workshops at the Grimsby Library: Getting crafty w/ Stacy Heidman

Card Making Workshop

Learn how to make your very own handmade cards! Stacy Heidman of Paper Creations will be running 3 programs, (one for kids and two for teens and adults) to show you how.  Learn straight forward, but crafty techniques that will impress your friends and family. These programs cost $5 per person. All materials and tools will be provided for 3 cards per program.

Registration is now open for these programs. Check out the details below:

For kids

Valentine's Day Card Workshop widget

Saturday, February 10
10 AM | Story Time Room | Ages 6+

Kids can show love for their friends and family
by making them a handmade card.


For teens/adults

Birthday Card Workshop widget

Monday, January 22
7 PM | Fireplace Lounge | Ages 16+

Give your friends and family the gift of a
beautifully made card for their birthday.


GreetingCard Workshop widget

Tuesday, April 10
7 PM | Fireplace Lounge | Ages 16+

Learn how to make perfect cards for any occasion!


Visit the Library or call 905.945.5142 to register today! 


Upcoming PA day movies at the Grimsby Library

PA Movie for kids widget - Despicable me

Wait, didn’t school just start back up? Yup, and there is already a PA Day this Friday, January 19. Looking for something fun to do to entertain the kids? Swing by the Library for a FREE movie showing of Despicable Me 3 featuring everyone’s favourite villain, Gru, at 10:30 AM.

“The mischievous Minions hope that Gru will return to a life of crime after the new boss of the Anti-Villain League fires him. Instead, Gru decides to remain retired and travel to Freedonia to meet his long-lost twin brother for the first time. The reunited siblings soon find themselves in an uneasy alliance to take down the elusive Balthazar Bratt, a former 1980s child star who seeks revenge against the world.” 

What about next month?

coco-movie-poster-1.pngOh yes, there’s another one on Friday, February 16! We’ll be showing the critically acclaimed animated film CocoDon’t miss it 🙂

“Despite his family’s generations-old ban on music, young Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead. After meeting a charming trickster named Héctor, the two new friends embark on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.”